Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some useful websites

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Some useful websites:

Government bodies & social institutions
- Communist Party of Vietnam
- The National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Ministry of Finance
- Ministry of Culture and Information
- Ministry of Education and Training
- Ministry of Planning and Investment-
Ministry of Science and Technology
- Ministry of Transport
- Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
- Ministry of Fisheries
- National Administration of Tourism
- Directorate for Standards and Quality
- General Department of Customs
- Vietnam Railways
- Vietnam Medicine
- Embassy of Vietnam to the USA
- Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals programme
- Department for Administration of Foreign Employed Labour Force
- Hanoi Posts and Telecommunication
- Ninh Thuan Posts and Telecommunication
- VCCI Data- Vietnam Software Association
- Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists
- Association of Vietnam Student
- Vietnam Union Science and Technology Association

Cities & Provinces
- Hanoi
- Ho Chi Minh City
- Da Nang
- Dong Nai
- Thanh Hoa
- Phu Yen
- Bac Ninh
- Tay Ninh
- Quang Ngai

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